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OOI - Serenity

Kaylee's in her little hammock in Serenity's engine room today, eating a protein bar and looking very thoughtful. Usually when she has free time, lately, she's hung out in the living area or the infirmary, wherever Simon was. But today...

Well, it's a lot to think about, the implications. And she likes to think alone in her favorite spot on the ship.

Soon After Arriving

Kaylee decides, after a night in the Inn, that she doesn't really mind it. Sure, it ain't Serenity, but her room's real nice. Looks just like her bunk, really, only bigger, and with some extra nice things. Kaylee doesn't know any other girls with a closet this full of pretty things. Well, except Inara, but Inara's a Companion, and it's part of her job to look pretty. Sort of.

But Kaylee's tried on each and every one of her pretty dresses, and nibbled on the strawberries in the cooler unit, and she's decided that if she has to be stuck anywhere that's not Serenity, she's glad it's here.

Room Description

The door is ringed by twinkly lights, with a sign on the door, hand painted with butterflies and flowers, that reads "Kaylee's Room". Kaylee's room, inside, is almost exactly like her bunk on Serenity, but bigger. It is decorated in bright colors, pretty lights, and flowers. There is a large closet that has a collection of the type of clothing Kaylee generally wears, as well as a few exceedingly frilly and girly dresses that are exactly Kaylee's style. In one corner of the room, there's a well-lit bench with tools and various small mechanical bits and pieces from different worlds and times for her to play with. There is also a mini-fridge with strawberries and cream inside, among other things.


Kaylee in a Nutshell

Jayne: Captain, can you stop her from bein' cheerful, please?
Mal: I don't believe there's a power in the 'verse can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just wanna duct-tape her mouth, and… dump 'er in the hold for a month.
Kaylee: *grinning, kisses Mal's cheek* I love my captain.

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