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Strawberries and Layer-Cake Dresses

no duct tape here

Kaylee Frye
13 August
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Well, I'm Kaylee, and I'm a mechanic on a ship, Firefly class, her name's Serenity. Our cap'n, his name's Mal Reynolds, he's real nice. And we got some real nice folk here. Oh, me, right, well I grew up on a little backwater moon, and my Daddy let me help him fix things. Engines and workin's, they just talk t'me, y'know? Serenity, she lets me know what needs fixin'. And I like her, she's a good ship, none better.

Lessee, sometimes all our jobs aren't exactly legal-like, but we never do anything real bad. Jayne does lotsa the shootin', an' Mal an' Zoe. Simon's our doctor, and he's real sweet. River's his little sister, and she's a little feng le, but she's real sweet. We had Shepard Book and Inara for a while - Inara was an actual companion - but they both left. Inara's flyin' with us a bit again, but just for now. Shepard Book... he died. The Alliance killed him, and everybody in the settlement he lived in. Ain't right. And Reavers, they got Wash. I miss him lots. Zoe misses him more, but they was married, so that's natural like. Cap'n's teaching River how to fly, and she's real good at it. Got a natural talent, like me, only with flyin', and not fixin' things.

So that's me. I like pretty things, too, even though I fix things. Sometimes it's nice bein' pretty.

Kaylee resides in room 459.

Kaylee sometimes uses Chinese, which will always be displayed in italics. For a translation of her Chinese, please visit the Milliways Mandarin page.

Disclaimer: Kaywinnit Lee Frye is from the television show "Firefly" and the movie "Serenity", and is the property of Joss Whedon and Fox. This journal is being used at outsideinn for fun and not for profit.